IMG_9230Gooseberry or commonly known as amla or nellikya in malayalam is in season now. I need not explain the loads of nutrients you get from gooseberry. But eating it raw is a challenge right? Murabba is famous pickle of sorts that is sweet and it is usually made with bitter ingredient. This one is a real winner. Also I had a lot of syrup from this which I plan to use it on my pancakes. So here goes the recipe:

Recipe Source here


Amla/ Gooseberry – 10-12

Sugar – 1.5 cups

Water – 300 ml

Saffron strands – a pinch

Pepper Powder – 1 tsp


  1. Wash and chop gooseberry into bite size pieces.
  2. Add it in water and boil for 10-15 minutes till tender and cooked.
  3. Now in a thick bottom pan add sugar with water and let it boil.
  4. Keep on boiling for 10-15 minutes till it forms 1 string consistency. That means when you lift your spoon the last drop when falling will form a string like texture.
  5. Now add the cooked gooseberry and mix well.
  6. Continue cooking for another 10-15 minutes till it forms 3 string consistency.
  7. Now add saffron strands and pepper powder and mix well.
  8. It should form a thick syrup.
  9. Switch off and let it cool. Once its cooled down store it in air tight container.


If after cooling your murabba has become tight and hard then add little water and heat it up. Then store again.

Enjoy it with rotis or dab it on your bread. Or just grab a bite now and then. IMG_9231



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