I know many of you will be thinking – yuck bitter gourd. No I am not interested in this post. But let me be clear. Once you have this you will go back for more. Its minimal fuss, healthy and yummy.

This is my parent’s recipe. In my home we like to have bitter gourd this way. I like to have bitter gourd in only 2 ways – one being stuffed bitter gourd and the other is this fry. During summer my mother used to slice bitter gourd and green chilly, sun-dry it and store it. Just before lunch she used to shallow fry it in oil to get hot and crispy bitter gourd.

But later the task got difficult. So they found a shortcut. And that’s what I will show you here. Let me get straight on the recipe.


Bitter Gourd – 2

Green Chilly – 2-3

Coconut pieces – 8-10

Mustard – 1- tspn

Salt- As per taste

Oil – for shallow frying


  1. Wash bitter gourd and slice finely.
  2. Place it colander so the excess water is removed.
  3. Heat oil in kadai. Now how much oil is based on your judgement. Enough oil should be there for shallow frying. I had 1 cup of sliced bitter gourd. I used 3 tablespoon of oil.
  4. Once oil is hot splutter mustard seeds.
  5. Add the sliced bitter gourd and green chillies.
  6. Keep on frying on medium high. Do not leave the kitchen and keep tossing and turning the bitter gourd every minute. (Check the picture. I am bringing the raw ones in the middle to be cooked and so on)
  7. Add salt.
  8. Keep cooking till it has got crispy and cooked. (I removed the chilly after some time so my toddler could enjoy it too)
  9. Once nicely browned remove the bitter gourd to a plate. In the same oil add the finely sliced coconut pieces.
  10. Saute the coconut till light brown.
  11. Mix them with the bitter gourd.


Ready to be served. I can have it just like that. When I was feeding my son rice, he was picking on these bitter gourd and eating them. I need not mix it with rice and serve him. Do prepare it this way and see if you like bitter gourd now. The frying in oil sort of caramelizes the bitter gourd and makes it less bitter.

Till next time. See yaa.




    1. It would be ready within half an hour. Only condition is you need to be in kitchen tossing and turning the bitter gourd so it caramelizes nicely instead of getting burnt.


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