I send tiffin boxes for my son’s day care. And I like to involve variety of nutritious and tasty bites for him. But the challenge is also to prepare everything in limited amount of time. Paniyaram pan is a revolution. You can make so many different dishes with it. It has become one of my prized possessions.

Special from Kerala

This post is not for recipes. This post is my gallery of photos displaying the nature treats of Kerala. Hope you will enjoy it.


This is jackfruit season here in Kerala. Jackfruit is a humble dish which is used at every stage. Raw jackfruit is used in Kerala special dish known as Chakka Vevichathu. Ripe jackfruit can be eaten just like that and is super yummy. Otherwise ripe jackfruit is used in desserts, stuffing, etc. This recipe is using jackfruit seeds. The seeds when cooked have a texture similar to Chinese potato (kurka). This is a stir fry or poriyal or mezhukuperatty recipe which is again a super quick recipe.


I like to include different variety of food for my son’s tiffin. And in the wee hours of the morning schedule it is difficult to decide what to prepare and how to prepare it so it is yummy and nutritious. Sweet potato is the new super food. During my childhood my parents used to roast this tuber on open fire or boil it and give us for evening snack instead of Maggie or other fried bakery items.

Mum’s Fish Curry

This fish curry is a staple food in almost all homes in Kerala. The preparation style might vary but it is regularly consumed. My husband cannot do without this fish curry. I think this fish curry has travelled along generations. As a child I didn’t like this fish curry because I judged by its colour that it would be spicy. But actually the spiciness can be adjusted and the colour is based on the red chilli powder used. Every time I make this curry and I always think if my mom will like it or not.Whether it was as per her standards or not.Not only the recipe but the ingredients and utensils used for this recipe has emotional bonds with my mother and mother in law.


My favourite morning breakfast has always been idli- sambhar. I feel sambhar does not go well with either rice or roti. Its only soulmate is idli. However, chamanthy is equally good with idli. And if I get both with idli it is a match made in heaven.